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In this study, reports of trauma exposure had a small relationship with PTSD symptoms, a finding also reported in other college student samples (e.g., Frazier et al., 2009). At Time 2, participants indicated whether they had experienced any stressful events since coming to college. The CSLES has high test-retest reliability (Park, Cohen, & Carpenter, 1992; Sandler & Lakey, 1982) and has been used successfully with college students (e.g., Park, Cohen, & Herb, 1990). Given the impact of spiritual struggle on PTSD symptoms, future research should investigate how religious and secular belief systems interact with spiritual struggle in response to trauma.

  • When you ask them to describe what they mean by that statement, they seem to have a firm grasp on the fact that we alcoholics suffer from “an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind” — that once I put any alcohol in my system whatsoever it sets off a craving for more alcohol.
  • Indirect effects and variance accounted for in the present study are of small magnitude (Cohen, 1992), but the correlations between spiritual struggle and PTSD symptoms are consistent with effect sizes reported elsewhere (e.g., Ano & Vasconcelles, 2005).
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  • The day after I got the news, I started on my brand new low-sugar, low-carb lifestyle of eating, which I referred to at the time as the “no more happiness” diet.
  • Finally, it is worth noting that spiritual maladies have been observed throughout history, with many individuals struggling to find meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

It is through the daily cleansing of perception through the process of the steps and the sharing with another addict that the addict is able to return to living as an integrated part of the whole of life. The way humans think is on a spectrum of self-centeredness and god-centeredness. When dealing with the disease of alcoholism we are selfish and self-centered beings. We use everything and everyone, even when we stop using alcohol and drugs to cope with these feelings of being unsatisfied and uncomfortable in life.

Learn What Spiritual Malady Is And The Role It Plays In Your Recovery

Here are some things you can do to work through your spiritual malady even if you don’t believe in God or have an understanding of your higher power. As we work towards this state of selflessness we find that we are slowly being relieved of the hopeless alcoholic state we once thought we were doomed to be in forever. It is constant maintenance of being spiritually connected with a god of your understanding. Once we are aware of these feelings, we can begin the real work on ourselves. It is not easy to do so but recognizing this aspect of alcoholism forces us to take an honest look in the mirror at our behaviors and attitudes toward life and other people.

Finding a Higher Power is an essential part of Alcoholics Anonymous, but what if you don’t believe in God? You’re not alone – there are plenty of people in AA who don’t believe in God, or who have trouble with the concept of a higher power. Finally, self-reliance spiritual malady definition can be dangerous because it can lead to complacency. When people become too self-reliant, they may stop working on their program entirely. This complacency can then lead to a sense of entitlement which is extremely dangerous for people in recovery.

Trauma and PTSD Symptoms: Does Spiritual Struggle Mediate the Link?

To overcome this condition, an individual must focus on spiritual growth and reconnecting with their spiritual beliefs. A healthy spiritual life can lead to a sense of purpose, contentment, and inner peace. When you ask them to describe what they mean by that statement, they seem to have a firm grasp on the fact that we alcoholics suffer from “an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind” — that once I put any alcohol in my system whatsoever it sets off a craving for more alcohol. The present findings suggest that trauma exposure results in PTSD symptoms in part through the negative cognitions of spiritual struggle.

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This study also isolated components of spiritual struggle and their individual relationships with trauma and PTSD symptoms. Reappraisals to a punishing God, reappraisals of God’s powers, and expressions of spiritual discontent partially mediated the relationship between trauma exposure and PTSD symptoms. In contrast, reappraisal of the event to evil forces was unrelated to PTSD symptoms. It may be that attributing the event to evil forces provides an unsettling but satisfactory explanation for some trauma survivors, perhaps because it distributes blame away from self or God to a being already understood as malevolent (e.g., Pargament et al., 2004). This finding suggests that aspects of spiritual struggle are related but distinct constructs that should be assessed separately in future research. While we believe that the present study represents an important contribution to our understanding of the intersection of trauma and spirituality, particularly given the paucity of information on this topic, it has limitations that must be considered.

Study Used to Justify ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bans is Faulty, Catholic Researcher Contends

When we look into history, several renowned figures have experienced spiritual malady. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, suffered from severe depression throughout his life. Despite his achievements, he remained haunted by profound feelings of sadness and hopelessness. His struggle reminds us that we may face spiritual malady despite our professional success or achievements.

samples of spiritual malady

Self-reliance can also be dangerous because it can lead to pride. It leads to judgment, isolation, and a feeling of superiority. Whenever you find yourself feeling irritable discontent bored with your life or depressed it is likely that you may have skipped meditation or prayer.

“They told me that I will actually lose my obsession with food.” Then she added, “I don’t believe them! ” But sure enough, she followed the program and within a month or two her mental obsession had dissipated. I want to make clear to members that these thoughts are not definitive treatise on the subjects. Just an attempt to stimulate thought or discussion and provide information based on my study and experience. Today I look further at the disease of alcoholism focusing on it as a spiritual malady.

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