11 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins For Websites In 2023

Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins of 2023

chatbot for wordpress

If you want to build lasting relationships with your customers, Intercom is the tool for you. Botsonic is ideal for businesses looking to enhance customer support without needing to hire human support staff. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large enterprise, Botsonic can simplify your support system, making it more agile and customer-friendly. Remember to look for functionalities that are important for your unique business needs. Some of the main features you should keep an eye out for are AI capabilities, reports, analytics, feedback collection, and great customer support during onboarding.

  • From there, it asks for their zip code, address, type of roof, and monthly electric bill, in order to determine whether they’re a suitable lead for solar panel installation.
  • You can also toggle the ‘Hide chat for Guest visitors’ to ‘On’ if you want the chatbot to be exclusive for your members only.
  • However, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology such as chatbots can help you streamline and enhance customer support.
  • Yes, these chatbots are free and can be downloaded from wordpress.org easily.
  • With it, users can easily contact you, whether it’s through email texts, phone, or messages.

You can even train Watson to answer specific questions with helpful information and help visitors navigate your site easily. If you want to, you can teach it to connect calls to a human if the visitor demands. If you’re interested in adding a chatbot to your site, the first step is choosing a platform on which to build it. Fortunately, there are several great options that integrate seamlessly with WordPress sites — and these nine are some of the best. One of the most common misconceptions about chatbots is that they’re designed to replace human support staff and sales teams.


If you are using WordPress.com, you will need a WordPress.com Business or eCommerce plan to use custom javascript and plugins. It’s also full of a host of touchpoints that affect customer experience…. Irrespective of the comprehensive tutorials or content guides you provide, they will still show some reluctance to find the information on their own.


Chatbot tools and services are designed to help business owners like you who can’t integrate the chatbot themselves. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert to use such a handy tool. Both basic and advanced bots are used nowadays to help businesses deliver the best service. You’re already familiar with chatbots, even if you’re unsure what they are. A chatbot is a computer program programmed to chat with users and help them 24/7. Crisp recently brought in its chatbot functionality which is a part of their unlimited plan only.

Does the ChatBot support OpenAI GPT-3?

Providing this service to customers cuts down on the time customers must spend waiting for assistance outside of business hours. It also ensures that simple questions get answered quickly without having to pull reps away from more complicated and urgent tickets. HubSpot is a leading CRM platform for helping businesses grow. It is known for being one of the best platforms for marketing automation, with a suite of tools for managing sales, support, and more. The HubSpot Chatbot Builder plugs right into all their other tools to help site owners power their CRM with lead and support data straight from chat. This programmable chatbot takes some time to set up because you will need to build out conversation flows.

  • Collaborate with your customers in a video call from the same platform.
  • Chatbots don’t get tired of repetitive questions, and they can answer them at any time of day or night.
  • Smartsupp is another chatbot plugin your business can consider when looking for the best options for your WordPress website.
  • Above are the best WordPress Chatbot plugins that you can use to provide full support and information to your customers.

These chatbots use NLP, which helps machines read and understand human language. Before you add a chatbot to your WordPress site, you should be mindful of the platform you’re selecting. The platform should be compatible with your WordPress website and function correctly. It should integrate smoothly with your website for the best user experience. Customers often get overwhelmed when there are lots of product options available. In situations like that, chatbots for WordPress can be of great help.

What are the advantages of having a chatbot

Some plugins require an initial fee for building your chatbot. Others will include a monthly or yearly subscription payment ranging anywhere from $9 a month to $300. Gobot is a perfect chatbot plugin useful to archive email addresses automatically from your website visitors. It comes with built-in email marketing and automation features. You can write your own script and easily create your own bot using a drag-and-drop bot builder. The chatbot plug-in also provides automated customer service and a meeting scheduler.

It’s user-friendly, very easy to install, offers pre-made workflows and cost effective compared to other solutions. The Chatra WordPress chatbot includes adaptable chatbot templates designed to facilitate lead generation, offer essential support, and provide aid in the checkout process. We also like the exit intent messages provided to often significantly reduce instances of abandoned shopping carts.

If you use a WordPress website, these are our top picks of WordPress chatbot plugins that you can use for your websites. A chatbot is a computer program that uses a chat interface to talk with your website visitors. It acts just like your customer support team does when they use a live chat plugin. Customers are spoilt for choice, especially in the crowded eCommerce marketplace, where they can move on to the competition within a couple of clicks. Having a customer service representative on hold during the entire transaction is not a feasible option too since it will add up to the bottom line. Chatbots can welcome visitors to the site, guide them through the various elements of the website, and answer FAQs with ease.

Keep in mind that, if you want to leverage chat builder technology to do more than just put a basic drone on your site, you’ll likely need to pay. This might be a more feasible option if you intend to include chatbots on multiple client websites. However, an AI-powered chatbot that uses deep learning and language processing can adapt to conversations more effectively.

How can Users Access Chatbots? (Website or Facebook Messenger)

It can scale with the increasing volume of inquiries and support requests. Along with that, the chatbot presents various attractive offers to grab users’ attention and motivate them to purchase. If your website doesn’t need more than standard chat coverage, a basic chatbot will suffice. You can implement one with a chatbot builder or WordPress plugin.

chatbot for wordpress

Try saving both the Language Center and Simple Text Responses. For advanced OpenAI features like fine tuning and training OpenAI Pro module is required (available with WPBot pro Professional and Master licenses). WPBot is an easy to use, Native, No coding required, AI ChatBot plugin for WordPress websites.

One WordPress Plugin for Everything

Botsify is another excellent choice of website Chatbot that can be added to WordPress. Known as being user-friendly and reliable, Botsify has come to be trusted by many businesses. It’s a platform that allows users to create intelligent chatbots without diving deep into coding, making it accessible to a broad audience. Tidio shines in chat-focused customer service and sales settings.

chatbot for wordpress

You’ll add a custom embed plugin that allows you to add custom javascript to your pages. You’ll add an embed on each individual page where you want a chatbot. And for any customized chatbot solution, you can request a quote by contacting at [email protected]. REVE Chat offers three pricing plans with 14 days of a free trial. The Standard plan starts at $15/month, the Advanced plan is at $25/month, and the Enterprise at $50/month.

You’ll see a message now and then which says that Watson is ‘training’. This means the AI is processing the new information, so it can learn to give even better responses. Answering common questions via email can be a big resource drain for smaller companies. When creating a website, choosing your hosting provider is daunting yet crucial. While both WordPress hosting and shared hosting provide extensive hosting features, it is essential to note that there are still differences between them. If you’re a business owner or marketer, you know content creation can determine your success in this ever-changing digital world.

WP Maintenance Mode Updated with Chatbot Functionality – Designmodo

WP Maintenance Mode Updated with Chatbot Functionality.

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chatbot for wordpress

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